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Let’s minimize the environmental impact of our machines and the impacto n production processes

Together with quality, innovation and technology, at Giave, we work with the purpose of ensuring the sustainable development of the company and minimizing the environmental impact of both the equipment that emerges from it and the production process in which our machines will be integrated, always at an economic and environmental level.

We promote innovation in order to minimize the generation of waste, emissions, and the footprint left by consumables used by our equipment and ensure minimal energy consumption in their activity.

Our commitment to sustainability is materialized with concrete examples that are already integrated into the majority of our equipment and components.

New designs aimed to energy recovery and low emission of VOC's

Experts in the use of water-based inks

Minimization of material waste

Programa kit digital financiado por los fondos next generation del mecanismo de recuperación y resiliencia
kit digitalkit digital