Machinery for the printing and the converting of packaging and others

At Giave, we provide solutions to our customers’needs by designing and manufacturing printing machinery for flexible materials. Our character and trajectory as a family-owned company have fostered our values and our voaction to be a leader in the field of flexible material conservation, making the excellence the habit that characterizes us.


At the Forefront of the latest advances in the printing and the conversion of flexible materials sector, at Giave we adopt and develop the latest technological innovations to maximize the performance of our equipment and the production capacity of your company.


The development of our equipment is based on innovation to maximize the profitability of the production process and the competitiveness of our customers. Innovation in design, services, and above all, technical innovation which is constantly integrated in our machines.


Our commitment to excellence is embodied throughout the entire production process of our printing and conversion machines, and even beforehand in the selection of brands and partners we collaborate with. Proof of this is the maintenance services we continue to perform on machines installed over 20 years ago.


Our activity is fully focused on the customization of projects according to the needs of our customers.
The proximity and the adaptability that define us as a company allow us to help our customers to find the most specific solutions for their needs, offering them the added value they need in order to lead their markets, maximizingits performance and competiveness.


Nowadays, we manufacture machines to print in different sectors:


Printing of all types of pharmaceutical (blister aluminium) or hospital (medical packaging) material for packaging capsules, tablets sterilization bags, etc.


Printing of aluminium, PVC or complex capsules (AL/PE/AL) for the packaging of bottled products such as wine, cava or champagne.


We can distinguish two subsectors: wrapping paper and decorative paper.
Wrapping paper is any type of printed material used to protect or enhance the appearance of wrapped ítems, such as gift wrap, fast-food wrapping paper, etc. They come in different formats, colors and designs.
Decorative paper is imitation Wood paper used for doors, parquet floors or other types of fourniture.

Sacks and Bags

Sacks and bags can be printed on paper, plastic or raffia supports. Depending on the product and the end customer, and the sizes or the prestige that we need to convey, we can make bags or sacks with different uses: t-shirt bag (plastic), boutique bag (plastic or paper), agricultural sacks (raffia), biodegradable sacks, etc.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is made up of materials that have been manipulated to improve the presentation and preservation of a product, and are typically made of paper, plastic, laminates or complexes. Within this sector, we can distinguish between food (beverages, food, sleeves, yogurt lids, etc.) and non-food packaging (toys, detergents, healthcare products, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics).

Other sectors

Giave has manufactured printing machinery for other sectors such as postage stamps, car license plates or metallic balloons. In reality, any type of printing is possible on a flexible substrate.

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